Timmins Fur Council History


Each year the then Lands and Forests ( now the Ministry of Natural Resources) notified local Trappers by mail to attend meetings that were set up in towns in the Cochrane District. At these meetings trappers were told what the new regulations were and what the beaver quota would be for each trap line. The licence then cost $ 3.50. In other areas of the province Trappers were forming Councils so they could have input into the decisions that affected them. In general, the Ministry of Natural Resources encouraged this but there were concerns by some Conservation Officers that trappers might not have the background or in depth knowledge required to give meaningful input.


This concern was soon laid to rest. Lloyd Cook of the Ontario Trappers Association

was a driving force that encouraged all local trappers to have their own Trappers Council.
In the fall of 1968 before the Ministry mailed the notice of the local trappers meeting
to the Timmins trappers, a group of local trappers met to discuss this possibility. By
the time the meeting was called by the MNR it had been decided that a trappers
group would be formed. Bill Russell , Albert Fournier, and Art Lalonde were the local
trappers that were part of the organizing of the group. Bill Russell and Albert Fournier
were the two persons that prepared the first constitution. It was not really that
difficult as the Constitution of the Ontario Trappers Association (1948) was used as a
template. All trappers endorsed the values of the OTA in regard to Furbearers,
Conservation and Trapper Education in the Timmins area. In the initial years we were
coached and assisted by Lloyd Cook. At the meeting in early October 1968 the
Timmins Trappers Association (now changed to the Timmins Fur Council) was formed.
Bill Russell was elected as president, with Albert Fournier appointed as


There were no membership fees collected, a trappers licence was all that was required
for membership. The first directors were Harry Leblanc, Irwin Stack, August Janik and
Ken Malley. The Conservation Officers (then Game Wardens) in 1967 were Rheal Cool, Curly Barnett and Wayne Stack. In 1968 changes in the Game Wardens were made with Don Perry, Wayne Stack and Gerry English for Timmins Area. Sam Nodwell was the Fish and Wildlife supervisor (stationed in Cochrane) with Sam Harris (also in Cochrane) was the Wildlife Management Officer. Please note that our local MNR were instrumental in aiding the Timmins Fur Council with expertise and funding in most of these projects. We invite you scroll through our photo gallery and see some of the many fish and wildlife enhancement projects we have been inolved with over the years.